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Robinhood vs. Stash Vs. Acorn

Join Robinhood using this link and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free:

Due to the growing field of mobile investing it is now easier than ever to start building up a traded asset portfolio, no longer does one need the services of a stock broker, or a large sum of money t make an impact on the financial health of their future, all you need is $5 and a bank card!

Though their are many brokerages that extend their services to mobile investors there are three main ones I’m going to focus on as I have spent a fairly extensive amount of time, while I currently only use the services from Robinhood I will say I profited modestly but profited nonetheless by the time I drew my money out.

Well here they are the pros and cons.


+ fastest trading capabilities

+ widest stock selection

+ allows the use of leverage

+ allows users to trade cryptocurrency(depending on area)

+ allows complex buying options like short sales, limit sales, and limit buys

+ phenomenal market data and articles


– Hardest to use

– requires most involvement

– very tempting to over trade

Overall: I would highly recommend to anyone who has a moderate understanding of the stock market, wishes to make a dedicated hobby out of it, wants high control over their portfolio, or has highly specific companies they wish to invest in.

People who are new to investing, or don’t have as much of an interest in going in depth may find the others much more desirable

2. Stash:

+ ETF focused

+ Lower Risk factor

+ Very informational for beginners

+ Simple and easy to learn

+ Beautiful UI

+ Fractional shares

– Smaller stock selection

– delayed trading times

– confusing category system

Overall: in the middle in terms of user difficulty, available features, and portfolio control.


+ Extreme simplicity

+ Automatic portfolio builds

+ Requires minimal knowledge

+ Offers Credit line

+ Allows accounts made for children

+ Reward per purchase system for linking credit/bank cards

+ Soothing UI

– minimal portfolio control (presets only)

– no trading

– teaches very little about investing

Overall: Great for absolute beginners or for those who just wanna invest without care of how it works.

In my experience Acorn also pairs great in combination with stash and or Robinhood since acorn is a low risk long term service and The others are a little more risk, choice, and trade oriented so using more than one in unison higher may potentially be a great way to diversify ones overall holdings.

Let us know in the comments which one(s) you use or have used and why!

Join Robinhood using this link and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free: