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A video where I explain to subscribers of my Youtube channel what The Greatest Never Collective is about and how the songs I display for thee on Youtube are a part of it !

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Daze n Daze hanging out with page admin!

This just in folk-punk fans! Houston based musicians Jesse Sendejas and Whitney Flynn better known for their band Days n Daze, are live streaming on Twitch with admin from punk fan page: Punk with a camera!

Catch these super-lovable punks wilding out, boozing it up, and raising hell as the crew attempts to navigate their way through our favorite infamously difficult RPG Dark Souls! Not every day we get to watch one of our favorite bands tear face on one of your favorite video games, but we’re sure as hell happy we can!

Watch along with us, or check out the band on Band-camp, Facebook, and Twitter through the links below:

via Daze n Daze hanging out with page admin!

How to improve your song writing process.

How to improve your song writing process.

How to improve your song writing process.
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First real post from our new side project

Post Contents: a 2000+ word guide including 10 tips to mix up your writing process to overcome writers block & 10 tips to find new sources of creative inspiration within the world around you.

Drawing A01

I had quite the time trying to sleep last night. Eventually I just gave up and found myself sketching this conglomeration of interconnected squiggles and scratches complete with anarchy symbol centerpiece at about 5 in the morning.Not entirely sure what it’s supposed to be but I rarely am with anything I draw. Most likely going to start uploading artwork more often, as it gives me extra inspiration to draw more.


On a relevant side note I recently was given a sketchbook from my close friend Drayton who’s skills at drawing and painting easily blow mine out of the water a dozen times over. His artwork is absolutely beautiful and soon you’ll be able to see and potentially download or buy the whole sketchbook worth!

We plan to photograph and upload the contents of said sketchbook to a gallery here on TGN as a way to help promote his craft. and when I see his work is incredible Im still understating it.

You should be able to expect to see the gallery up before the end of This weekend! (Assuming we don’t run into any technical difficulties. )

Less important

I’ll also likely create a gallery or two for my own work as well though probably not right away. Besides this is much less exciting; my artwork is nothing all too special. Anyhow I really enjoy creating it so I’m happy to share!

Thanks for visiting don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and if you have any advice or criticism regarding the drawing above, or are an artist who would like to have their work or gallery shared or linked too on our site let us know via the comments section or email!