The Vision

Part I: The Site

A central hub for which my associates and I to share and display the things we create and discuss topics that we consider interesting, important, innovative, and or fun.

It also serves as platform to spread messages that we deem are important to perpetuate for whatever political, ethical, philosophical, psychological, or socioeconomic reason it may pertain. You can learn more about this in our philosophy section (coming soon).

Part 2: The Content

The Vision For the content itself, is that it’s essentially chaos. There are no specified topics that any members have to write about or fall into. We do however set a barrier via requiring content (for the most part) either Informational, philosophical Activistic, Artistic and or Comedic in nature.

Part 3:The Network

As our team grows, learns, expands, and found/build more digital settlements such as other blogs/websites for more specialized topics and utility, and other side projects, they will all link back too our original center

These side projects embody a good portion of the vision. Learn more about them on our Goals page(coming soon