Primary Goals

A rough outline of our road map, these aren’t exact some long term goals may end up being medium term ones and vice versa. Some may end up not happening at all, however I’m a fan of idealism and I’m not afraid to reflect that In the plan.

Short term (6 months – 1 year)

  • File to become an llc
  • Grow cash flow until revenue exceeds expenses
  • Create a digital art gallery to display works from various members
  • Develop a dense portfolio of stock photos and related intellectual property
  • continue to grow fan base for TGN+ side projects
  • Seek out affiliate marketing opportunities and more profitable advertising solutions
  • Creation of crypto currency mining pool.

Medium term(1 year – 5 years)

  • Grow cash flow until all team members can live comfortably
  • Out-grow the need for WordPress
  • Establish a DIY Recording label as a segment of our organization
  • Purchase or rent an office building + space for a recording studio
  • Development of decentralized blockchain applications
  • Establish an e-commerce store for the sale of home grown medicinal herbs and blended herbal + holistic remedies

Long term. (5-10 years +)

  • Grow cash flow until we are able to funnel majority of excess into charities and non-profits
  • Invest in purchasing and operating small facilities for production of clean energy such as solar panels and wind farms.
  • Creation and listing of a publicly traded mutual fund
  • Acquisition, maintenance and operation of rental properties to further diversify cash flow.
    Writing and publishing books
    Development of proprietary open source computer software