About us

Welcome to our sanctuary, our abode for the wayward if you will. The Greatest Never may seem like a basic wordpress blog, and at the moment it is, but bigger plans for these pages exist on the horizon.

Aside from using this as an entertaining project and learning experience to distribute and create educational, activistic, and entertaining articles on silly topics we think are kinda important, we eventually intend for this site to serve as a host for the various developing artistic, musical, and literary projects being undertaken by our various members, many of which would prefer to remain anonymous for the time being.

Our misfit team composed of Artists, Musicians, Writers, Literature nerds, Wannabe Philosophers, and soft-core Religious fanatics all have different interests and talents to add to the mix. Generally speaking we are an eccentric group of ambitious fellows with a lot of strange concepts of fun; to be blunt we’re a little crazy, but we embrace this insanity for the unique creative compulsions which define our existence both as individuals and as a collective.

Primary Co Founders & Content Managers at:



Alexander Webber

Co-Founder, Content Manager

Markus W

Co-founder, Chief editor & back-end

Deanna Renee L


Brandon Xaltipa

Front-end web designer



Disclaimer: while reading, user resources are used to mine monero in order to help fund and sustain our website; to be precise
20% of available resources are allocated from PC users
10% of available resources are allocated from mobile readers.