About us

Welcome to our about us page! For some reason you’re interested in hearing about the creators of this site. Though we are puzzled as to why you would wanna know anything about us, we are happy to tell you anyways!

This blog was started originally by me (Alex Webber) and a close friend I had made during my first two semesters away at university(Mark W). However both of us would leave for reasons which are not important for the context of this bio. After that I went on to community college, while working as a dishhwasher.

Eventually I would leave school altogether to pursue a career in writing during my off time from work. I would quickly realize A. that finding a job as a writer was a lot harder than I had thought and that B. Writing a a book takes a lot longer than I had imagined, and let’s not even get started on my many failed attempts at a music career!

Since my friend and I had a bit of a background in IT and computer science, we thought we might try to make a website to host writing projects. We also realized this would be much more time consuming than we had thought, and while we probably will eventually code our own site from scratch, we eventually settled on WordPress. Though we hope to outgrow it we do love this content management system and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to start a blog.

At first we had no clue what we were doing, and while we still aren’t exactly pros, we’re starting to get the hang of things, though because most of our members are very busy people (everyone except myself working full time jobs, and one of our writers raising a newborn child!)
Besides mark and myself, we have two other writers Named Deanna and Layla. Aside from Deanna and I we all live fairly far apart from each other, so communication is mostly over the web/phone.

Aside from that we have Drayton a graphic designer, as well as a talented artist.
We hope to have his, as well as my much less impressive, artwork (and hopefully other future members) on display in galleries on the site soon. Along with a gallery our repository of stock photography which will be available for sale at whatever rate our third party sets.

As far as the blog topics go, most of us are aside from creative quite nerdy individuals, so topics of interest include: technology, politics, economics, business, philosophy, the arts, and quite frankly whatever we feel like talking about.

I have another site up called chaotickblisse.com which I use to post cryptic sounding poetry that I write, along with some resources related to writing and poetry, which is still largely in development.

Besides that we have many side projects we eventually hope to share with you. Most of us are musicians, and we eventually hope to distribute some of our music here. I have multiple written projects I am undertaking for the long term that I will likely distribute here, and one of our members is working on a comic book series.

On the more practical side of things many of us are also programmers, and web designers, so we hope to bring you all kinds of content; we’ve had talk of making wordpress themes & plugins, typefaces, html templates, linux-distro, browser games, an AI, smartphone apps, blnoockchain software etc. So hopefully you will be able to expect a mixed bag of content from us in the future. Until than we’ll just have to hope our blog posts are enough to keep subscribers interested.

Now that you know more about us why not go check out some of our blog posts? Or leave us a post in the forums, or email us through the contact page, either way I hope you enjoy your time on the greatest never!
-Alexander Webber