The Greatest Never is a mixed motive publishing network and artist collective.

Mixed motive:

The reason I describe our organization as a mixed motive is because there are multiple ends that we seek.

1. To be heard.

For many of us, the things we share on TGN, are things we would be doing anyways.

If we’re gonna spend our time developing artistic, literary, and academic skills, and creating tons of potentially entertaining, insightful, or useful content along the way, why not share it for anyone who might be interested?

2. To experience, explore and innovate.

The whole point in all of this; the adventure. Every little effort that goes into the journey.

From developing our abilities as content creators and artists, to building, and designing and managing our websites and learning all the little ins and outs that lead toward how to start a business.

It all feels like little puzzle pieces coming together, to paint a picture which is also a story, (and an active association )

Overall whether we make money or not what really matters; is how much fun we had as a result of it and how much we’ve learned.

3. To hopefully in the long run be able to earn a living doing things that we love doing.

And to do them alongside people who share common goals, under no boss but the collective itself.

Were self guided workers, creative thinkers, with a strong DIY ethic and a major tendency to think so far outside the box that we lose track of where the box even was. We aim to organize ourself under a company like organization based on the principals of collectivism.