Writer’s Block

To our followers, the recent lack of content is no secret.  Going from multiple uploads  a week to hardly ever. This could easily be written off as laziness but in truth I am at a loss for new ideas.

Not that my creative process has halted completely. Though less often, I’ve still been drawing, working on music and developing some longer term ideas and projects. However I’m facing a severe lack of inspiration for articles,lyrics and poetry.

In hindsight this may not be a bad thing for two reasons.

  1. It invokes a lot of reflection on my writing style, skills and creative process.
  2. It’s forcing me to look to new sources of inspiration across all fronts. I’ve been reading way more, and seeking out new artists, musicians and creators to draw from.

Hopefully either a new wave of ideas come soon, or I reach a stage in one of my longer term projects where I can release something. Until than I apologize for the silence, and thank you to everyone who stayed following/subscribed despite the recent lack of uploads. You guys rock!