Maybe I’ll See you in hell. (Song)


Another song from my ‘Back Porch Tracks’. Performed by yours truly!


The melodies floating from her mouth,

Lead her into my arms.

When Lucifer sang her softly to sleep, She swore he meant no harm.

Did heaven know: the way she goes could be the death of us both.

Given I would love to try if I only had the mind.

Even now I can’t explain

The way it tastes to say your name

And I really wish I could spit it out

But for fucksakes I can’t!

The songs you sang from underneath,

Kept me cornered in between:

Your dieing heart and the tips of your toes.

Now I don’t know what state your in, I try not to wonder how you’ve been.

But if I know you I know that nothings been well,

So goodbye darling and maybe I’ll see you in hell.