The world today (analytic ranting)

Regardless of whether one is an optimist or pessimist we live in quite an interesting time.

Aside from the potential for the presidents upcoming impeachment (which could be a great or not so great thing depending on who you are, I try not to judge). There’s a lot of potentially interesting (and hopefully in the end positive) changes taking place both as I write this and on the horizon [broadly speaking]. Some of which are exciting and some a bit frustrating, but how all of it will transpire arises an inevitable uncertainty on many fronts, with many directions each could take.

Our recent widespread integration with the world wide web as our dominant social medium is on the bright side rapidly turning the internet into a melting pot of ideas and perspectives old and new, while on the negative detracting from the natural tendency for face to face interaction and verbal communication.

For the first time we are seeing digital decentralized currencies being developed along side traditional economic forces.

World leaders and political systems are losing power in comparison to large tech companies, media outlets and banks.

It seems many of us trying to sort or way through all of this, are being hit with so much information and so many potential ideologies, paths, and causes that oftentimes many have trouble figuring out exactly what they align with for many it can be hard to discern which ones hold any truth and stand for something legitimate. People are seemingly more polarized and scattered in ideology than ever before, which is good for the sake of diversity but bad for the sake of cooperation.

On the bright side of things, we live in an era where people now have more freedom of speech and expression than ever.

On the not so bright sides of things, these rights are manipulated for the wrong reasons.

This often manifests as corporate influence over the distribution of information with Facts, scientific progress and most notably statistics  being tailored to fit sponsors for economic interests.

Along with being used as excuses to defend certain ideologies and incorrect ways of thinking, many growing quite frightening in character. A perfect example being the recent resurgence of the Klu Klux Klan, a matter I find quite appalling, sickeningly frustrating and quite frankly as a fellow american; embarrassing.

It seems on one end of the coin, we have the decentralization and uprooting of unnecessary power structures and economic entities, while on the other side of the coin you have the potential to create a new one that is far worse than what we had before.

Blockchain: The techonomic revolution!

Something which I’ve spent a lot of my time as of recent studying and exploring is the revolutionary advancements in both economics and technology taking place within the the diverse field of block chain technology.

While I’m sure many of you have heard of Bitcoin, the amount of doors that this is opening for other advancements to potentially change the way that we conduct business and interact with each other over the internet does not seem to be getting as much attention.

This could take many directions, but this seems at a fundamental level to stem from a few key technological innovations, being that of distributed-ledgers, Smart Contracts, andDecentralized Applications(dApps)s. While many other very important technologies are at play here such as the proof of work and proof of stake concensus algorithms, and the increasingly widening spectrum of mining algorithms, my understanding of these is at the moment quite limited. 

Distributed Ledger = A chronological database which maintains a consensus of transactions by storing  copies of the ledger’s data on individual nodes participating in the network (often referred to as a blockchain ledger.)

Smart contract = a protocol which allows for the automation of all types of transactions, often across a decentralized network and without the requirement of a third-party.

At it’s core this is what facilitates the exchange of crypto-assets and extends their utility much closer to that of an ordinary currency by allowing people to use cryptocurrency as a complex investment platform as well as allowing for the purchase of other assets, goods and services. These can be used for a lot more than mere financial contracts however, which brings us to decentralized applications.

Decentralized applications (dApps) = Applications built for and hosted within decentralized networks such as that of Ethereum, Tron or EOS.  A good deal of these are focused purely on facilitating the trade and transfer of blockchain-based assets. There are however, many other types of dApps sprouting up, including online games, social networking sites, gambling opportunities, and some very interesting and innovative types of investment platforms, many of which seem to be focused on blurring the line between in game items and real world financial assets. Time will only tell what else will surface here.

We also seem to be on the verge of an educational revolution.

Some speculate young scholars of the modern world may be better off not going to college. This stems from three primary instances of causation.

1. The insane levels of debt that are burdened onto young adults as soon as their ready to enter the work force.

This is putting a huge stunt in innovation and entrepreneurship. We are incurring massive loans to people during what would normally be the period of their life when they are most likely to take on entrepreneurial and economic risks, and therefore impeding our own progress.

2. The Internet is making DIY education increasingly feasible and effective, by providing access to an abundance of free learning material on just about any subject matter or skill set you could imagine. I’m a  twice over college dropout, and I can honestly say, I learn far more effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably on my own.

Taking my education into my own hands made me care far about it more. On top of that I found self guided projects to be a better application and measurement of acquired skill and knowledge than taking an exam.

If you wanted someone to build you a website, who would you prefer, a someone with a college degree on web design but no work experience, or someone with a portfolio of several successful projects proving their skill and the quality of their product.

I never realized I wanted to become a writer earlier in my life, my passions were centered on computer programming, music, and sociology. When I started this website, I found myself being overtly excited to develop my writers voice and hone my skill at various forms of language arts as well as to learn a variety of skills and explore schools of thought I would have never had an interest in before.

I began Teaching myself to read and write more proficiently and prolifically, delving into  all sorts of foreign lines of history, studying literature the works of psychologists, sociologists, philosophers as well as a plethora of religious texts to broaden my worldview even beginning to learn other languages.

As would probably be expected I have and continue to spend a great deal of time self educating about business, economics, management, advertisement, marketing, search engine optimization, and that’s just scratching the tip of the iceberg.

I soon found my whole life had started to revolve around reading, learning, skillbuilding, and creativity. It was as if attempting to start my own business ignited the fuse that standard education never really managed to spark.

This is perhaps the only good paradigm of this shift in educational paradigms, with the last being one of bearing much controversy and being a quite polarizing matter.

3. The social justice obsession has gone from helping people to devouring the academic environment by taking a cause that was inherently meant to help people and in fact heavily detracted from the educational environment as a result.

Universities are supposed to be places of arduous-debate, ideological battle, and free and open discussion, it’s supposed to be where we find our voice, find our causes, our goals, and develop unique worldviews and systems of belief that we can pit against one another for the sake of mutual growth and understanding but this is swiftly being derailed.

In many schools, most notably those affiliated with the humanities, and social sciences witch hunts are spreading like wildfires  and anyone who veers towards the right, or doesn’t agree with a certain aspect of social justice no longer has a voice regardless of their intent or benignity, with many professors losing jobs over mere disagreements.

Im not advocating we defend racists and misogynists, but we are talking about an educational climate in which one is not allowed to acknowledge biological and genetic differences between males and females.

Science is not racism. Science is not misogyny.

Science is a way to better understand ourselves, and the world around us. But science is being declared a method used by the tyranical patriarchy to fuel oppression.

Surprisingly I’m an egalitarian and a libertarian. I like the idea of social justice and what it stands for, but it is in fact becoming increasingly redundant as it begins to escalate to the exact same practices, and almost mirrors that it supposedly aims to end.

All white males are not evil people, but the modern leftist would have you think so, is this not prejudice, is this not racism? Not all straight men are misogynists. And guess what women can oppress people too, it happens.

Their are evil men, and their are evil women. On the contrary their are great men and their are great women. Furthermore their are both great and evil men and women of every race, and of every nationality. Evil manifests in the hearts of the selfish, the wicked and the ignorant, their is no specific demographic that is inherently more evil than another.

This should be common sense, but I often come into contact with beliefs and ideals which would want one to believe otherwise.

To believe contrary, is no matter how you look at it, prejudice. Doing it for the sake of social justice does not change this fact. Rather than condemn people of opposing ideologies and ways of thinking, we should be trying to overcome their corrupt ways of thinking through intellectual and ethical discourse, we should be displaying peace and love, to show that we are bigger in spirit and morality, but instead we are doing quite the opposite.

Love thy enemy. It might be a christian saying, but it should be every hippies motto. We should be trying to fix the worlds problems by feeding the hungry, exploring green energy and environmentally friendly manufacturing opportunities,   looking for real instances of subjugation,  leveling the playing field for the sake of equal opportunity, and standing up for those who are truly being oppressed. Not by trying to persecute anyone with a right wing ideology, or any straight white male or anyone who voted for trump.

Nor by creating imaginary or completely trivial reasons to get upset so that we can establish and buy into these destructive and blatantly immoral and illogical social credit systems.

I know I’ve made a lot of crass comments about trump in the past, but there’s a division between where I stand as an artist and where I stand in sociopolitical view. By no means am I a supporter, but we’re all humans, and attempting to dehumanize people you don’t agree with is plain wrong, despite what your post-modernist/neo-marxist revolutionary friends at university are telling you.

There’s a reason birds fly with two wings, we couldn’t have left wing america without right wing america, we should be learning to get along, understand one another and meet in the middle, before we find ourselves in another civil war. Which is the last thing a pacifist like myself wants to see.






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