Happy 4/20!!!

One of our favorite holidays is here: 4/20 (hint hint, we aren’t talking about Hitler’s birthday either; fuck Hitler.)

Not that we’re trying to endorse drug use, but cannabis is a plant; not a synthesized pharmaceutical. I think certain people need to realize drugs are man made, a plant that has psycho active effects when consumed is still a plant.

Though it’s quickly becoming legal in a few lucky states, it is unfortunately not yet legalized in New York. So unfortunately er have to abstain, or well at least in the public eye we do! (half-joking) Those of you who live in areas where its legal should truly feel blessed, because where I live it seems like more people get in trouble for smoking weed than legitimate crimes against society.

On another note. Something else that bothers me is when people oppose legalization under religious pretenses. First let me state that this is nothing against religion itself;I love religion and study most of the major ones(and many lesser known ones) relatively often. The reason why I say this is because of how contradictory it is. If you believe that god created the earth and everything on it, than surely he created plants. The cannabis plant when consumed by humans has very specific mechanisms that bind to receptors in the human brain which god would also have had to created. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the god I believe in has nothing against cannabis or any non-poisonous/toxic plant for that matter.

Well that’s enough rambling for the day, I hope you all have a wonderful 420!
Blaze on Ladies and Gentleman!

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