Author Intro: Brandon X.

Hello! My name is Brandon Xaltipa. I am TGN’s lead developer. I’m a programmer/web-developer, musician, and I play way too many video games. I’m excited to write for TGN and to be a part of their ever-growing team.

I am extremely passionate about music and art. I spent most of my teenage years programming, playing guitar, and coding. I love reading manga and watching anime or movies. I also love hanging out in discord!

I spend most of my days playing guitar, videogames, or reading things online. I love making new friends and spending time with people I love. The people close to me are the most important things I have. I love people and I love to hear new perspectives and philosophies. I hope you all enjoy my posts!


You can expect internet culture and gaming related posts from me! Feel free to comment questions if you have any as well :).