FitBit: New Fitness Tracker & Self limiting Business Model.

Fitbit has a new fitness tracker, but it’s one that you can’t buy in stores. The company quietly uncorked the Inspire on Friday, releasing its first product that is available only to corporate employees and health insurance members. The idea is to offer a fully subsidized wearable that helps the company dig deeper into the […]

Why would anyone attempting to market a product want to limit whoever can buy it? Now, I’m no Andrew Carnegie but one would assume that most corporations would be interested in maximizing company sales, and subsequently growth, influence, profit, market share etc. One would also assume that this goal would be best met by maximizing the simplicity and accessibility associated with purchasing their products.

The folks over at FitBit however seem to have missed this memo. While ill admit the product itself seems relatively useful, and with the growing market for smart watches its understandable why they would wanna jump on that bandwagon. What I have trouble understanding however, is why this technology is only available to company employees and members of their healthcare plan. This appears to be from all conceivable perspective, quite the foolish play.

I understand the intention behind it; being to drive attraction to their healthcare plan, though it seems a bit conceited to assume people are going to sign onto a plan just for the right to purchase a product. On top of that they are cutting off sales from anyone who has any other form of healthcare but may otherwise be interested in purchasing their product.

I feel there could have been much more effective methods of using this product to drive up sales for their healthcare plans, rather than ‘exclusive purchase’ opportunities, which would not have severely limited the customer base for their other product.

5 ways FitBit could have driven sales for both products without limiting customer base.

  1. Offering a package deal for the plan and product.

  2. Giving away discount/coupon codes as a promotional tool for the other.

  3. integration of software applications specifically meant for healthcare plan users.

  4. Cross advertising the products.

  5. A combination or All of the above

What do you think? Is there something I’m missing here?

Could FitBit have gone about this launch in a more effective manner mutually benefiting both products?

Does this make you feel more or less comfortable with shares held in FitBit?

Have any other ideas for what they could have done better on this product launch?

Excited for the product anyways?

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via Fitbit’s newest fitness tracker is just for employees and health insurance members — TechCrunch