Author Bio: Deanna

What is good my ladies and gents! My name is Deanna Renee. I’m a Libra, was born In a city in New Jersey but moved to New York when I was 7. I have joined up with the greatest never to provide you with even more articles about silly things I think are kind of important.

Who is Deanna?

Deanna is the type of person you would never find doing the same *#%¥ twice . Here and there is were I’ll be, fresh baked contents what you’ll see.

I am a very multi-paradigmatic writer, with many diverse topics of interest.

Some of these interests include but are not limited too

• News on activist/political

• Chemistry/science/health

• Psychology

• Astrology/religion

• Art/Music

• Fashion

I’m a short worded person but each word is equivalent to many. As you will find out.

Excited to please our viewers .! ✌🏼