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5 reasons it may be wise to purchase outright.

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As this article brings too discussion, rental plans on college textbooks have become a popular way for students to save money on their education.. or so we think?

I actually opted to purchase mine outright, which the article seems to recommend albeit for very different reasons.

5 reasons to consider purchasing outright:

1. Potential asset for later resale.

Other students are gonna wanna take that class, and depending on the book people might want it in general. Tjese texts are often worth a lot of money and holding onto them as something to sell in the case of economic hardships down the road may not be the worse idea.

2. Texts may be sourced for reasons outside the class.

Some of the most valuable offline resources I have as a writer are college textbooks. This may not be as applicable for people who aren’t writers, but the potential of sourcing it for another class down the road still exists.

3. Rental late fees

As the article primarily discusses, rental fees for late returns can be outrageously high. You thought your local library or movie rental had bad late fees? You haven’t seen &@&*!

4. Addition to personal library for readers.

This can help establish a false sense of sophistication that one may not otherwise be able to maintain on their own.

5. Can be used for DIY self teaching if you drop out

My life outside of the music world essentially revolves around DIY Learning. Strangely this was the inspiration for this blog in the first place. Facilitating my desire to continue learning despite the increasingly difficulty of attending formal education I was faced with.

I’m not recommending anyone drop out of school to teach yourself. I am however an advocate for continuing to educate yourself long after you graduate or drop out. I believe learning for everyone should be a never ending process.

For our readers either in college or out of; what was your method of purchasing textbooks? Let us know and why in the comments section below!


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