Bluetooth wallet

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It always brings me great joy to see new advancements in the world of blockchain technology. Check out the one of the latest advancement in hardware wallet technology: The ledger nano x!

A Bluetooth enabled portable crypto-wallet the size of a thumb drive; and the design is absolutely beautiful. It’s essentially a sort of pager-like device that acts as your personal cryptocurrency bank account.

Devices allowing one to store crypto currencies securely on their person is nothing new. However this gem however showcases a brand new functionality to the world of crypto wallets: the luxury of transacting via the Wireless Bluetooth transfer protocol.

Considering how much of a pain In the arse it was to store and transfer cryptocurrency when blockchains first appeared; I find it utterly shocking to see Its convenience rivaling that of traditional forex even if only in terms of personal transactions.

Before you know it we’ll be getting our crypto wallets injected into our arms as microchips; Perhaps this is something we’ll see happening in places where micro chipping is becoming common like Sweden. We could call it ChipCoin! Hey! maybe I should give the patent office a dial!

Crypto holders ought to be eager to see what happens to their holdings once all the new developing projects such as the aforementioned start hitting the market in 2019. I know I am!

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