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Your happiness project

Spiritual happiness

Notice how everyone wants to be happy, it’s not just a coincidence. At least I don’t think so.! We all yearn to be happy, in some ways life is a happiness project, full of paradoxes. Example: it may seem like it’s all about you but it’s actually what you an do for others. Bringing happiness to others increases your chances of being happy, while seeking happiness for yourself decreases the chances .! We all do things in our life that we know will bring us a measure of misery afterwords. Example include momentarily pleasure or an adrenaline rush. But they all pass quickly. Leaving the original yearn for happiness is stronger than before.

The thing is our deep yearning isn’t for momentarily pleasure, it’s for lasting happiness. Paul the apostle has it. He continually wrote about joy in his letters from prison. It was the most common theme in his writings from the filth and squalor from within his prison cell. Could you be haply in his situation.? I don’t think I could’ve, if I’m being honest I’d probably get and depressed pretty quickly. I am right by your side in this journey with you, and still have work to do myself. I am also in the middle of my own happiness project,just like yours it has its ups and downs. amount authors there is a saying that goes something like. “ we write books we need to read” . So maybe I am writing this message you and I need to hear the most.

You have no doubt discovered your own truths about happiness. But there is one question ; ask yourself . Is it possible to be happier than you have ever been.? Think about it, don’t just read on. Pause for a moment . Reflect. Do you believe it is possible to be happier than you have ever been.? I believe it is. Real happiness is a sign that’s the human spirit is thriving. This is the thriving I yearn for and the thriving I suspect you are hungry for. We want to live life more fully ; we’re impatient to live life to the fullest. So whenever you start your happiness project , even if it’s a complete train wreck, open yourself to the possibility and what the world has for you next. Stay open .

Signed with love ~ Deanna R.


Author Bio: Deanna

What is good my ladies and gents! My name is Deanna Renee. I’m a Libra, was born In a city in New Jersey but moved to New York when I was 7. I have joined up with the greatest never to provide you with even more articles about silly things I think are kind of important.

Who is Deanna?

Deanna is the type of person you would never find doing the same *#%¥ twice . Here and there is were I’ll be, fresh baked contents what you’ll see.

I am a very multi-paradigmatic writer, with many diverse topics of interest.

Some of these interests include but are not limited too

• News on activist/political

• Chemistry/science/health

• Psychology

• Astrology/religion

• Art/Music

• Fashion

I’m a short worded person but each word is equivalent to many. As you will find out.

Excited to please our viewers .! ✌🏼

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Bluetooth wallet

original story here: usethebitcoin.com/ledger-wallet-manufacturer-releases-its-bluetooth-ready-nano-x-wallet/

It always brings me great joy to see new advancements in the world of blockchain technology. Check out the one of the latest advancement in hardware wallet technology: The ledger nano x!

A Bluetooth enabled portable crypto-wallet the size of a thumb drive; and the design is absolutely beautiful. It’s essentially a sort of pager-like device that acts as your personal cryptocurrency bank account.

Devices allowing one to store crypto currencies securely on their person is nothing new. However this gem however showcases a brand new functionality to the world of crypto wallets: the luxury of transacting via the Wireless Bluetooth transfer protocol.

Considering how much of a pain In the arse it was to store and transfer cryptocurrency when blockchains first appeared; I find it utterly shocking to see Its convenience rivaling that of traditional forex even if only in terms of personal transactions.

Before you know it we’ll be getting our crypto wallets injected into our arms as microchips; Perhaps this is something we’ll see happening in places where micro chipping is becoming common like Sweden. We could call it ChipCoin! Hey! maybe I should give the patent office a dial!

Crypto holders ought to be eager to see what happens to their holdings once all the new developing projects such as the aforementioned start hitting the market in 2019. I know I am!

Could you see yourself purchasing this product?

Does this make you more likely to consider investing in crypto currency in 2019?

Why or why not?

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Author Intro: Meet Layla!

Hi y’all, I’m a new author here at the greatest never, you can call me Layla!

Who is Layla?

Layla is a teenage mother, hardcore-activist, Marxist-Leninist, and an avid music fan!

I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but I currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee where I’ve spent most of my life.

Aside from politics I have many hobbies which help me to cope with the ongoing struggles that go with teenage motherhood, mental illness, and being an American citizen in general. These topics include but are not limited to: multiple forms of writing, art in general but especially drawing, and reading, to be more specific reading distributed political literature, which is how I first learned of and found my belief in the Lenin-Marxist movement.

Topics of interest I wish to discuss and shed light on through my contributions here at TGN include:

  • Eating disorders and other mental illness
  • The Beauty and struggles of teen motherhood
  • Addiction and drug abuse
  • Political science and political philosophy
  • Music
  • Other random topics close to my heart.

I heavily look forward to reaching toward you readers, I hope to use this as an opportunity to  bring awareness and share stories to both those who lack knowledge on these subjects, and those who share my worldview. You can expect to be hearing from me at least once a week. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear me talk about, or have any questions about me that aren’t overly invasive I’ll be glad to answer in the comments. Until next time comrades.

-Layla Over and Out

My thoughts on Alexa’s Noah Function and The AI movement.

Noa’s new Alexa skill has human narrators read news from NYT, FT, Economist & others

Noa’s new Alexa skill has human narrators read news from NYT, FT, Economist & others

— Read on techcrunch.com/2018/12/31/noas-new-alexa-skill-has-human-narrators-read-news-from-nyt-ft-economist-others/

I think this is a fairly useful innovation, yet it seems to lack the genuine feeling of innovation. Are they really doing anything new?

Bots that can read speech to us are nothing new. Consider Microsoft Sam or Microsoft Anna, which you may have once selected as your computer’s default voice before loading it with a list of obscenities for the amusement of you and your dumb teenage friends.

Also consider Siri’s long known ability to fetch certain songs or search results; is combining these technologies really that praiseworthy? To be completely honest this is something I assumed Alexa would have been able to do at launch.

Regardless I still have the highest hope for Alexa out of the current AI mascots. The feature that allows any purchaser can program new functions into it opens up a whole world of possibility that I don’t think Cortana or Google Home can even come close to.

While Siri’s bot is pretty damn smart in comparison to the other two as well, it’s extremely unlikely that Apple would ever permit customers the ability and API to add new functions and intentions to Siri.

I can only imagine what kind of crazy feats Alexa will be capable of once people have been messing around with learning interface for a considerable while. Before long she’ll be scheduling our doctors appoints, trading our stocks, starting our car, cleaning out our emails and reciting verses of our holy text of choice before dinner.

Though I love Alexa’s programmability, learning about her automatic self-learning and development skills left me a bit unsettled. Very generally speaking I think we should try to keep AIs dependent on sentient input to execute learning mechanisms. I’m not entirely certain what level of intelligence an autonomously motivated and potentially subversive AI reach, but I’m not sure I care to find out either.

Why do we need to keep making robots more intelligent in the first place? Wouldn’t we derive more benefit and harbor less consequential risk if we purely focused on making them more pragmatic?

Maybe I’m a sketch ball but some of the strange occurrences documented with Alexa and Google Home have left me passively frightened; that’s a story for another day though. Thanks for reading don’t forget to like, comment, share, subscribe, brush your teeth, floss and look both ways before you cross!

-Peace off

Noa’s new Alexa skill has human narrators read news from NYT, FT, Economist & others

Noa’s new Alexa skill has human narrators read news from NYT, FT, Economist & others

— Read on techcrunch.com/2018/12/31/noas-new-alexa-skill-has-human-narrators-read-news-from-nyt-ft-economist-others/