The Greatest Never’s Youtube Cover Channel: First Upload

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While in the midst of the creative process, forming and integrating a dedicated group, and getting my feet wet in the process of recording and mixing (and not the kind done on an iphone 6) I decided it would be fun and worthwhile to start a cover channel as a way to get over camera shyness, fear of distributing my work etc, as well as having a small something to show for my artistic and musical ambitions while taking my time on my real projects. If anyone has an ear for amateur musicians who make up for articulated skill with passion and genuine expression for whatever reason or another, or is in a higher position to offer advice and constructive criticism, I extend an open and welcome invitation to check out our channel, of which I intend to update and add too regularly until I have my own work to display, music we like to cover ranges from 60s folk and psychedelica, underground, classic-rock, anarcho-punk, 2000s indie/alternative, annoyingly catchy pop-rock and pop-punk songs, and every over specified niche sub-genre that falls in between. and a per-emptive thanks to everyone who takes a minute to check out what we put up whether now or further down the line when theirs more variety too look at though I will likely end up linking most of our uploads to the blog feed regardless of if they get any attention or not.
>> Channel link
>>First upload: Sunday Morning by the Velvet Underground

-Alexander Webber


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