Company reveals global plans for Block Chain funded and operated Health Centers

The Ambitious and Innovative company BitVit, has recently come forward with a big announcement: A global healthcare chain intended to be ran on and accepting cryptocurrency such as the well known Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for health services. This plan, described as “A Holistic solution which would involve creating an intellectual exchange among industry experts and scientists … in hopes that future generations will be healthier and more knowledgeable as a result” (Blekinsop, 2018)

From my understanding these health services will be very different from your typical hospital or clinic, lending more focus toward fundamental areas of healthcare such as nutrition, exercise, counseling, and self-education of health practice. Some may criticize and attempt to posit that such areas are basic or mundane, however I am a firm believer that more attention to fundamental health habits would alleviate many of the needs for pharmaceutical and healthcare services of which most United states citizens are slowly becoming dependent. Perhaps I am mistaken but It feels to me like many people have long forgotten that at the absolute core of our well being, what we put into our bodies, how we use them, and our state of mind hold some of the strongest ties to our overall health, and that more attention, understanding, and management of the areas may prevent many advanced health issues from ever reaching development in individuals in the first place. Maybe I’m just a nutjob but humans got a long for quite some time without complex synthesized medication and advanced medical equipment.

As for the economic aspect, I as a dedicated support, holder, follower, and lover of everything cryptocurrency and block chain related, could not be more enthralled and excited at the idea of this sort of “crypto-care”. It woulden’t surprise me if a plethora of agencies tried to give them trouble in establishing and bringing their ideas to light; of which I wish thee the absolute best of luck, I think the guys down at BitVit are doing an amazing & beautiful service to this world and I hope all goes swimmingly in the undergoing of their plans.

What do you think about their idea?

Do you think its a good idea? Bad Idea?

What’s your opinion on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain as a whole?

Do you think this could be just the type of innovation needed to fix the United State’s broken healthcare system, or do you think it has the potential to make things worse?

Please give us your answer to these in the comments section. We Love hearing other peoples ideas, sources, viewpoints, theories, and opinions, and even more we love having friendly debates in good spirits with progressive intent, anyone with a knack for arguing should really take up this golden oppurtunity because we here at the greatest never will literally debate you on the same topic for weeks, months even years on end–
“When In doubt, Just fucking send it!”– (Me 2018)

If you took interest in this article, the original is here with more direct information about BitVit and their plans to created a global network of crypto-based health services. – Original Story posted 06/28/2018 by Conner Blenkinsop at

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