In Sudan, Rediscovering Ancient Nubia Before It’s Too Late — Discover

At Undark, Amy Maxmen follows the archaeologists and scientists who are racing to document what’s left of the ancient African civilization of Nubia.

via In Sudan, Rediscovering Ancient Nubia Before It’s Too Late — Discover

The richness of African history outside of the northern coastal regions remains obscured primarily by a lack of research and information. Now, like many archaeological sites in the nearby Middle East, much of what remains of ancient Nubia risks being destroyed by the monetary interests of tyrannical governments, even before it can all be fully excavated. The archaeologists active in the area are doing excellent work against the odds, preserving a somewhat lost chapter of human history before it’s too late. The Nubian civilization is almost as old as that of Eygpt — and by extension, one of the oldest in the world — and is older than any civilization on the European mainland. (The predecessor to Ancient Greek civilization, the Minoan, began in roughly the same time period on the island of Crete.)


Some of the information in this article also makes one wonder why some feel the need to make bogus claims about Lower Egypt, Carthage, et cetera supposedly having been occupied by black-skinned people — the lesser-known achievements of Nubia (and its successor states), Axum, Kilwa, Kongo, the various medieval West African empires, etc., are more than enough to dispel any racist claims that the black nations of Africa do not have a history worth celebrating.

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